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Console Riflessi P190

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Extendable console Riflessi P190.

Extendable console, it's available in several finishes, aluminum extensions system.

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Extendable console Riflessi P190.

Extendable console, it's available in several finishes, aluminum extensions system. Extendable console, it's available in several finishes, with aluminum extensions system. Riflessi's best seller, P190 is a revolutionary console that imposed a new concept and a new way of using space, not only for small rooms. A single movement allows an almost unbelievable transformation: the extension modularity allows to a little 50-cm console to become a table with a full length of 2 meters. The extending mechanisms are strictly in aluminum, recyclable material and so eco-friendly. The company has always been busy with research and aware choice of all the materials in the making of products, to guarantee high quality without forgetting health and environment through the use of water-based varnish, exclusive aluminum inner mechanisms, use of real 20- tenths durmast wood (not ennobled and not melamined). This is a choice with multiple implications, between which the possibility for the company to offer a wide range of colors and finishes.


New opening semiautomatic mechanic system: with this new system, the central legs of the console are rollaway and they're only used for the extensions longer than two meters. In addition the central legs of the mechanic system are moved on the inside, to avoid in this way the encumbrance when seated on the side of the table. The finishes are available in a very wide range and they're all ecological: veneered walnut, cherry, smoked durmast, wengè-tinted durmast, grey, ash, natural, white, tobacco brown or black, besides all the colors of the RAL range.

The P190 extendable console has been an innovative and revolutionary product for what concerns space, elegance and design in the furniture world. Riflessi was the first one who understood the changes and needs of the new way of living and it has created a console which stupefied for its practicalness and functionality without giving up on class and style. To transform a console into a big dining table or, in the intermediate sizes, to adapt it to the need of the space or seats it's extremely simple. It only takes few easy steps.

A CONSOLE WITH NO ENEMY ON THE MARKET: despite all the duplications rising in the industry, Riflessi guarantees the uniqueness and originality of a product made of extraordinary materials, made in Italy and bio-friendly. Special promotions by on all the Riflessi console range.

MAINTENANCE: for cleaning the product use exclusively a damp cloth. For a better preservation of the product, we suggest you not to display it in the direct light.

Height76 cm
Width130 cm
Depthda 50 a 300 cm
Weight47 kg
Metri cubi0.25 mc
Notesacca per allunghe in dotazione

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Console Riflessi P190

Console Riflessi P190