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Reverse osmosis water purifier

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Quantum water purifier reverse osmosis

Water purifier reverse osmosis.

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Quantum water purifier reverse osmosis

Reverse osmosis water purifier, the only drinking water filtration system designed to provide the consumer with a water tailored to their needs and to their needs, eliminating any type of contaminant present in the water. This product, Made in Italy and internationally patented, has the special feature of being able to adjust the mineral salts and ph. Reverse osmosis is a system used for years even in extreme situations, used on ships and platforms to obtain fresh water, in Africa for the problem of cholera and malaria will receive safe water, on islands where they only salt water to produce fresh water . Particular the example of the astronauts who purified urine to obtain drinking water.

The osmotic membrane is the heart of the filtration system. It is composed of several thin sheets of film pressed between them and arranged in a spiral around a pipe plasica. The material of the membrane is semipermiabile: allows the passage of water molecules while acting as a barrier to dissolved solids. When the water flow is in contact with the membrane surface, the water molecules penetrate the same making its way around the spiral, to gather at the center of the tube. The contaminants left on the surface of the membrane are rinsed and expelled from the exhaust.

Why is it important the ph? Our body to maintain acid-base balance goes to find out of our precious riorse alkaline substances, such as calcium and magnesium, which are stored in the body. To avoid this, we must find a proper balance of pH using water and food we ingest.


benessere e salute

prodotto indispensabile per la tutela della nostra salute, raramente pensiamo a quanto sia importante bere acqua pura per far funzionare bene tutto l'organismo! acqua potabile (quella del rubinetto) non vuol dire acqua pura, attenzione

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    Reverse osmosis water purifier

    Reverse osmosis water purifier